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+STRENGTH is the energy supplement that counteracts physical and mental fatigue by giving immediate and prolonged strength over time.
The product is recommended 20 minutes before physical activity and for each hour of sport from the third onwards in case of endurance (marathon, cycling, cross-country skiing, triathlon, mountaineering, etc.).

Thanks to its natural formula, it can also be used to withstand physical efforts in daily life or in phases of mental hyperactivity (school exams, professional activities of responsibility, work shifts) or in conditions of particular debilitation such as post partum or convalescence after hospital stay.

All this is possible thanks to the new formula enhanced with the extract of MACA root from the Andes: a South American plant that grows over 3,500 meters, rich in aminoacids (taurine; arginine; leucine; isoleucine) with a remarkable general toning and metabolism stimulating action which, in synergy with Ginseng and Royal Jelly, makes +STRENGTH the ideal product to support diets as well.

+STRENGTH for sports; +STRENGTH for study and work; +STRENGTH for diets.

Warning: supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied diet.

- Ingredients: Ginseng, Taurine, Arginine-L, Citrulline-L, Royal Jelly, Maca.
- Properties: thanks to the combined action of this biodynamic pool, whose formulation is artificially unrepeatable, it acts as a basic supplement to obtain both a greater energy intake and to promote a prompt psychophysical rebalancing after effort.
- Directions: energy supplement
- Use: 1 capsule per day on a full stomach.
  1 or 2 capsules before training / competition.
  Basic treatment: 2 months / 2 packs. Continue as needed.


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