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The cells of our body regenerate cyclically and the mineral mainly involved in this process is calcium. Fundamental in our life it is less and less present in food and its synthesis supplement shows numerous side effects. The Calcium Metabolism Path is able to supply this precious element in a bioavailable way in the form of dolomite which, by linking to vitamin D of cod liver oil is transported to strengthen bones, ligaments and connective tissue (nails, teeth, eyes, hair). Since the many pollution forms have determined a general weakening and modern life is stressful, this is doubtless the path recommended to everyone, especially to the most exposed categories: women in menopause and pregnancy, children and teens in their growth phase, elderly people and sports people.

The products of the Calcium Metabolism Path
  • Silicic Acid Gel nourishing the connective tissue, fixating calcium
  • Cod Liver Oil anti-inflammatory, calcium vehiculator (2 boxes)
  • Flour for Bones calcium carbonate and magnesium from dolomite (2 boxes)
  • + Vitamins & Minerals mineralizing, antioxidant, it powers calcium absorption
The ideal intake period is the season's change (especially in spring).