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The Anti-age Path was developed to rest excretory organs and regenerate the body countering early ageing caused by today's lifestyle. The excessive food availability leads us inevitably to eat too much. Meat, fats and complex food can be eaten daily and fasting of the old times are just distant memories. The Anti-age Path can actually give our body a time to breathe and reload. The first 14 days of metabolic reactivation are followed by 14 days of guided menu. It allows losing weight just in case it is necessary and experiencing a pleasant sensation of freshness and general brightness. The synergy among all different products shapes the body without producing imbalances.

The products of Anti-age Path
  • DimaMei slimming
  • DrenaMei circulation, lympho-draining
  • +Strength tonifying, stimulation and fatty acid burning
  • +Vitamins & Minerals mineralizing, antioxidant
  • Fenugreek skin tissue tonic, hormonal regulator
  • Equisetum Herbal tea kidney purifier
  • Compound Drink intestine detox
  • Vitagel general energetic, stimulating