A natural body lift? There is!
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A natural body lift? There is!


The BodyMei line, with its exclusive formula, gives new elasticity to the tissues.

We searched in nature for all the elements that would help the tonicity of the epidermis and, according to our philosophy of synergistic external-internal action, we created this line, ideal for women of all ages.

It is composed of three products: a poultice, a body gel and a herbal supplement, all obtained from natural ingredients and without the addition of chemical components.

Dedicated to the skin of the body, BodyMei fights lack of tone and cellulite, giving new elasticity and turgidity to the tissues and taking care of the epidermis in depth.

The first action of beauty of the skin of the body is entrusted to BodyMei Cataplasma (from the Greek Katà, above and Plasma, formed thing): it is a compound of Clay, Colostrum (which stimulates the production of natural collagen), Star Anise, Soy Isoflavones (which restore thickness to the skin and are able to stimulate the physiological production of hyaluronic acid), Fennel and Caraway in essential oil.

It is transparent and can be applied on all areas with loss of tone and elasticity: face, neck, décolleté, inner thighs, arms, legs and breasts.

It helps tone the tissues and reduces stretch marks.

It is rinsed off after fifteen minutes, when the clay turns white and dries.

Already after this first action, you will notice that your skin looks smoother and plumper, and it´s time to complete the work with BodyMei Body Gel.

The massage gel that is applied after the poultice, pleasant, fresh and with the characteristic scent given by the essential oils of Anise, Fennel, Caraway and Verbena, with reducing, draining and anti-stretch marks action.

Suitable for tired and atonic skins, it is good not only for the mature age, but also for young skins stressed by unbalanced diets, pregnancy or breastfeeding.

In addition, it is a valuable aid to combat orange peel skin, acting in depth.

To complete the line is the herbal supplement BodyMei capsules, which is entrusted with a firming action, antioxidant, anti-wrinkle, elasticizing, anti-stretch marks and anti-cellulite.

Its natural components (Alpha-Alpha, Rose Hip, Milk Thistle, Caraway, Apple, Galega and Verbena) provide natural anti-free radical and tissue nourishing vitamins, in particular pro-vitamin A and vitamins C and K.

The result is visible after 3-4 weeks: the skin appears more toned and regenerated, BodyMei in fact allows to accelerate the epidermal cell turn-over and to firm and tone the subcutaneous tissue.

It´s a line that gives us great satisfaction, which come from the results obtained by the women who have tried it: young mothers who have quickly reduced the stretch marks on their bellies (and those who used it before giving birth as a preventive measure have even avoided them!) and more mature women who have seen the skin in the most difficult areas regain tone, especially the breasts.

The ideal time to use BodyMei is spring-summer, when the skin is tested by winter and needs a complete regenerating action, acting from the inside and the outside simultaneously.