The path that rejuvenates
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The path that rejuvenates


Alone, or even better in pairs, you can work on your organic memory for a real and lasting anti-aging action!

However, for those who, like Mei, know that the body and nature in general have their own laws and times, the word "anti-aging" has a different and much deeper meaning. For a true anti-aging action it is necessary to intervene on our organic memory, to restart the whole organism with a new vital energy. After years of study, Mei has perfected the Anti-Ageing Path which, with a calibrated diet and the help of high quality herbal products, effectively "pulls back" the hands of the biological clock and also has a significant slimming effect. The "secret" lies in putting the excretory organs completely at rest, especially in the first few days, thus allowing the body to release new energy immediately available both physically and mentally. This is why, from the beginning, people tell of an incredible feeling of lightness. Just as the Detox Path positively "stresses" these organs, stimulating an increase in activity, so Anti Age gives them a breath of fresh air. The Path is structured in two phases: 4 days plus two weeks, for a total of 18 days. Four days is the ideal period for the strictly low-calorie regimen, in which intense physical effort should be avoided. These are days of "cleansing" and rest for our organs: only Mei products are taken (Equisetum Infusion, Trigonella, Vitagel, Forza, DimaMei, Bevanda Composta, DrenaMei, Vitamine & Minerals) in addition to the OrtoMei preparation or yoghurt. Psychologically, it can be difficult to deal with this first phase, because you start with the fear of not eating but in reality this is not the case: all the nutrients that the body needs are taken in a balanced way and, immediately, you feel a new and absolutely unusual energy, which pushes us to continue. In order to face the pathway well, Mei´s suggestion is to do it in two: with your partner or your cohabitant is ideal, precisely because the same dietary procedure will apply to both of you and there will be no problems. On the contrary, it will be pleasant to discuss the new sensations and full wellbeing that the body gives to both of you and within two weeks you will see yourself slimmer, more agile, more vital. Throughout the period of the Anti-Ageing Path, which Mei accompanies with a vademecum in which you will find all the useful information, it is good to reduce smoking and coffee, while for the diet you stick to what is strictly recommended. Success is guaranteed, as long as the indications are strictly followed.

To whom is Anti Age suitable

It is important to say that the Anti Age Path has no contraindications, and therefore it is suitable for everyone, but mainly for those who have two very precise aims:

1) rejuvenate organs and tissues;

2) to lose weight and slim down.

In the first case, the path - for those who have worked or studied a lot, or are looking for a regeneration phase after a period of stress - can be started directly, and the results in terms of energy will be there immediately. On the other hand, those who are looking for a slimming and reshaping action of the physique, should start with the Detoxifying Path, which stimulates the emunctory organs and purifies them, preparing the body to get the best from the following Anti Age action.

In this way, it may happen that in the first phase - with the Detoxifying Path, which is the "base" of every Mei Wellness path - you will already lose from 2 to 7 kilos of weight, losing weight where fat or excess liquids have accumulated.

And the Anti Age path will complete the action, maintaining this "magic": in fact, with natural products slimming is precisely a remodeling action, and not "emptying". The secret is that you put the body back in a condition to do what it would naturally do, harmonizing the metabolism, through the restored efficiency of the internal organs. It is in this condition that the body is defined in "homeostasis", that is, in its state of perfect balance.

And if you look in the mirror, not only will your body have benefited, but also your skin will appear more toned and radiant, in a word: younger!

Beyond Anti Age

For those who, after seeing the results of Anti Age, wish to work further on physical shaping and obtain even more spectacular results, the ideal continuation is the Red Route, particularly suitable in spring and summer.

In fact, it also sees the participation, in the recommended diet, of red fruits and vegetables.

Truly super against cellulite, even light cellulite, and an ideal support to help circulation, the Red Route will be one of the themes of the next issue.