Aromatherapy: a precious source of well-being
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Aromatherapy: a precious source of well-being


Aromatherapy: a precious source of well-being

The evocative power of a scent and the link between a fragrance and emotion have always accompanied the life of man. The first traces of aromatherapy date back to the times of the Chinese empire, while the ancient Egyptians are credited with creating the first formulas, found in the clay tablets of the ancient library of Alexandria in Egypt. According to the legend, the primacy of French perfumery was born from the capacity of having interpreted hieroglyphics, thus discovering the precious recipes of ancient perfumes. With the advent of industrial chemistry, the culture of aromatherapy has known a long period of decline which, only at the beginning of the last century, was reawakened by a French scholar: Maurice Gattefossè. He initiated the first scientific research to demonstrate the powers of Provencal Lavender essential oil and this first study became the basis of modern aromatherapy. Today, thanks to modern research, we are able to know not only the effects of each plant´s essential oils, but also how they behave differently based on processing, dilution ratio and mixing with others in a complex formula. The apex of this process of study was the establishment in the ´70s of the so-called Official Pharmacopoeia, or an international code that determines the standards of reference for the techniques of extraction, concentration and storage of active plant ingredients, which is strictly adhered to the production Mei. There are three different ways of performing aromatherapy: inhalation, contact and oral. The first case is the most instinctive one, the second one is the one linked to massage, the third one is the one typical of traditional herbalism and is carried out orally. The term aromatherapy should not mislead and it should not be intended as a sort of alternative medicine to cure diseases, but as a prevention technique. Mei, on the strength of its experience and direct diffusion of wellness, has created a new line of pure essential oils, for home use, in eight different fragrances, complemented by a base oil of Macadamia and Maize. The line is called Mei Aromatherapy and is presented with an elegant image that recalls the colors of the professional line in use at the most important international SPAs. The inspiring principle, in fact, is to offer the possibility to Mei´s clients to create a form of domestic well-being by exploiting the multiple and beneficial properties of essential oils. The Mei Aromatherapy oils are distinguished by the following characteristics: species of plant used, origin, time of collection, processing technique, absence of added fragrances or solvents, absolute purity of food grade, all as best recalled in the instruction leaflet inside each product or the specific catalog that accompanies the line. Mei Aromatherapy oils are the only ones on the market that can also be used for oral use: a few drops, at will, diluted in water, infusion or honey or to enhance the recipes in the kitchen. The essential oils are divided into three main families, determined by the way they are released and the part of the body with which they are felt, called: base notes, heart notes and top notes. The Mei range consists of a bouquet of eight different fragrances (see table below) covering the three different types. In this way each one of us can become a "little modern alchemist" having fun in finding the right note for our needs with the possibility, moreover, to create different blends. For this reason, the Aromatherapy Set package was also created, in which three different essential oils can be added together with the base oil Macadamia and Maize. Thanks to this idea, from now on, the massage oil can be personalized by adapting it to taste, need or season.

The Mei Consultants have been suitably trained to provide the right suggestions while, thanks to the self-massage courses of the Mei School, it is also possible to learn the best way to use essential oils and make aromatherapy a precious ally of daily well-being.

Essential oils: main recognized properties

SWEET ORANGE Relaxing, muscular antispasmodic

CEYLON CINNAMON Circulatory, warming

GARLIC Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, hyperemizing

GERANIUM Antineuralgic, hormonal regulator, perfuming

LAVENDER Calming, purifying respiratory tract, eudermic, anti-asthmatic

PEPPERMINT Energizing, refreshing, antipruriginous, muscle relaxant

NIAOULY Antibacterial, antifungal, air purifying

SILVER PINE Balsamic, decontracting, antiseptic respiratory system