Adriana Titton founded Mei in 1988 with the aim of developing a holistic and effective path to natural Wellness. In order to realize this vision, since the beginning Mrs Titton has committed herself to use only natural ingredients, selected from wild plants for the creation of her lines of natural products for the face, body and nutrition.

The company controls the entire production chain from the plant to the finished product with extremely strict quality standards. We mainly use Italian spontaneously grown raw materials, from Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, where the laboratories are located and the plants are collected in their balsamic moment, i.e. when they reach their full growth, to get the purest active principle. Mei is the only company that still sends its workers to hand-pick the herbs, according to the authentic herbal tradition, and those herbs are then processed in small batches to have always a fresh product. As a demonstration of its naturalness, the Mei customer can appreciate the small differences from batch to batch, concerning the colour, the smell or the consistency: the tangible guarantee of the absence of stabilizers, dyes and chemical preservatives. The processing techniques used are cutting-edge and respect the organoleptic characteristics of the plant.

Additional expertise has been brought to Mei by Adriana’s son, who joined the company. Dr. Roberto Paladin, herbalist and recognized expert in the production of natural products, to whom we owe the creation of the specific lines, the method of detoxification (Mei Wellness Programme), the MondoMei magazine and the new concept of Wellbeing for SPAs, born from the experience of PMP- Phytomassopodia® Method for the Wellbeing that comes from the feet. Thanks to this educational path and the achieved results, Roberto Paladin is the CEO of the company.

The distinctive characteristic of Mei is the constant effort to improve and, pursuing this goal, the company works with the Universities to ensure the scientific research, the development and the test of the products and methods of application.
For this purpose, Mei started the collaboration with the Prof. Giuseppe Mazzocco, already professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Padua, with whom at first was created an innovative method - Phytomassopodia PMP®, recognized in its validity by a scientific research and the international patent, thanks to which Mei was chosen by the most prestigious Italian and foreign SPAs, and after that, all the synergic rituals for the body and the face (Mei SPA rituals) have been developed, based on a new professional product line.
With the unquestionable experience and level of expertise, Prof. Giuseppe Mazzocco has joined the company, with the role of director of the MondoMei magazine, of the training andthe research, contributing to make a step forward in the quality of the company.

This year Mei celebrates 25 years of commitment to create a holistic path towards the natural Wellbeing. Throughout this period, Mrs Titton and her team have received several awards that recognise the quality of their work.
A demonstration that the original vision was the right one and the absolute certainty to achieve new ambitious goals.
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