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  1. RoseMei Face Scrub

    134 RoseMei Face Scrub

    A gentle face scrub based on sea oil and concentrated Persian Rose extract deeply removing dead cells and free radicals deposited on the face skin. At the same time it prepares the skin for better receiving the nutrients supplied by the RoseMei tonic and cream. 50 ml pack Learn More
  2. RoseMei Nourishing Face Cream

    137 RoseMei Nourishing Face Cream

    Cream with rich and dense texture, ideal to alleviate localized irritations, to decongest and deeply regenerate tissues. The precious properties of Persian Rose essential oil are exalted by Karitè butter, Palm oil and by the eudermic and nourishing action of Avocado oil. 50 ml pack Learn More
  3. RoseMei Body Oil

    139 RoseMei Body Oil

    The precious essential oil of Persian Rose is released, with all its refinement, in this body oil with an amazing hydrating and silkening effect. Full of nourishing plant oils, RoseMei Body Oil is designed for the most delicate skin and is also suitable as an after bath perfume. For an unforgettable treatment with the Persian Rose, you may want to match it with RoseMei Shower Gel, Face Scrub and Face Cream.

    100ml Learn More
  4. RoseMei Gel Doccia

    138A RoseMei Shower Gel


    The precious essential oil of the Persian Rose envelops the body in a soft caress and gently cleanses even the most sensitive skin.

    After the bath or shower, we recommend applying RoseMei Body Oil to complete the treatment.

    200 ml

    Learn More

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