Phase 3 – Maintenance

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After having detoxified and reinforced the body, Mei Wellbeing Program ends with the Maintenance, which has the aim to fix the results achieved and consolidate the organic memory. The protagonist of the third phase is MeiDei: the exclusive juice of wild Aloe Barbadensis Miller, with its antioxidative and cell-regenerating action.

The purifying and metabolism-stimulating action, triggered by the first two phases, is enhanced in the Maintenance, not only by MeiDei, but also by its synergy with Equisetum (Horsetail pure capsules) and BodyMei. These two herbal supplements boost the action of the Aloe juice, improving at the same time blood values, diuresis and the elimination of toxins, as well as contrasting water retention and slowing down the aging process, while giving new tone and brightness to the skin, firmness and strength to the muscles.

The products of the Maintenance Programme are:

  • 305 MeiDei

  • 434 Equisetum

  • 209 BodyMei


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