The study led by Dr. Alessandro Mazzocco, Specialized Doctor, and coordinated by Prof. Giuseppe Mazzocco, technical director and Mei training manager, gave birth to MeiSlim: the method that combines Mei natural supplements with the right physical activity and a nutritional protocol to rebalance weight, composition and organic functions.

The Program consists of three phases lasting one month each, designed to purify and reshape the body, reducing the visceral or abdominal fat that tends to stifle our organs, preventing them to perform their vital function. In doing so not only lean body mass will not be affected, but rather tonified and regenerated: we will also activate an important preventive action on cardiovascular diseases and all diseases related to poor eating habits and physical inactivity.

MeiSlim can be done by everyone, as there are no direct or indirect side effects.

Being a structured Program that fosters the reduction of visceral fat and involves a significant change in eating habits, Mei prefers to personally assist customers who choose to follow MeiSlim method with its staff of experts.

Do not hesitate to contact us at 0438/400699 or write to for further information.