Do Mei herbal products have any side effect?
No, the products are obtained only from selected plants for their effectiveness and safety degree. They do not have direct or indirect side effects (association with drugs or other).

Any caution before use?
Yes, certain products have specific instructions for use, as specified in the technical notes.

Can they be given also to children?
Yes, Mei products can be given to children. The recommended dosage is usually halved until 10-12 years; from 12 years you can give them a standard dose.

How long does it take to get a satisfying result?
Given the quality and concentration degree, the result is almost immediate. It should be underlined, however, that natural products do not work on the same principle of the drugs and therefore they need an average period of intake. This is the so-called "organic memory" process, triggered by the natural active principles. The ideal average period of intake is at least 8 weeks.

Do Mei herbal products cause addiction or dependence?
No, the plant complex type of these products causes neither addiction nor dependence.

What is the difference between Mei herbal products and homeopathics?
The latter, like other phytotherapic remedies, are considered natural medicines: very diluted (homeopathics) or highly concentrated substances (mother tinctures) in which there is also trace of the poisonous or toxic component of medicinal plants. Its use, in such cases, it is prescribed by a homeopath or phytotherapist. Homeopathic and phytotherapic remedies can have side effects. The herbal product, instead, is a natural remedy of the popular tradition (the so-called "barefoot medicine"), in which the plants used and the dosage form do not have side effects.

What is Phytocosmetics?
Phytocosmetics refers to the production technique which employs, as characterizing ingredients, fresh extracts or plants. It differs from traditional cosmetics for the low content of synthetic preservatives and excipients, all to the benefit of the skin. The non-use of aggressive substances significantly lowers the levels of sensitivity or allergy.

Are the plants used of biological origin?
No, the plants used for Mei products are of wild origin, of spontaneous growth. Plants with herbal use should not be confused with fruit and vegetables. The excellent medicinal plants are those that have always grown in their original habitat and are picked up by hand at their balsamic moment. Only those ones become Mei products.

Where did they come from?
From the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, the Dolomites, Venetian Prealps and Sicily for the domestic plants. From all around the world, with the same degree of strict selection for exotic plants.

Do Mei herbal products and phytocosmetics have an expiry date?
No, herbal products have a recommended time limit "Best before ..." after which the product can still be used without any side effects. Phytocosmetics, having a proven shelf life of more than 36 months at the time of production, do not have expiry date.