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Frangula is a marsh plant whose extract, obtained after a long drying and a complex extraction process, exerts an important purifying and detoxifying action on the intestine. If associated with Lactobacilli it helps re-establishing the intestinal flora and stimulating sluggish bowels without producing a laxative action or creating

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Characterizing Ingredients:
Honey, Algae, Buckthorn, Horsetail, Propolis, Dandelion, Vitamin C
Bitter tonic, depurative, diuretic, laxative non-irritating, vermifuge, anti-rotten, draining, digestive.
Spasmodic constipation, intestinal parasites, hemorrhoids, biliary insufficiency, obesity, cellulite, circulatory disorders, diabetes, colitis, diverticulitis, acne, boils, states of intoxication.
1 tablespoon diluted in water before breakfast and before bedtime.
1 teaspoon daily in case of obstinate constipation or intestinal worms in children.
200 ml


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