424 Compound Balm

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An alcohol-free concentrate of balm, hops and hawthorn, with no side effects producing a general relaxing action useful in case of bowel constipation. It has not a sedative effect and can be used also several times a day diluting few drops in hot water.

50 ml pack


Characterizing Ingredients:
Balm, Hawthorn, Boldo, Camomile, Hops, Mint.
Antispasmodic, sedative, general regulator of psychophysical functions, relaxing, digestive.
Spasms, palpitations, anxiety, tachycardia, arrhythmia, congestive flushes, irritability, nervous crises, convulsions, epilepsy, insomnia, neuro-vegetative dystonia disorders (anxiety, dizziness, buzzing in the ears), headache, facial, dental and oral neuralgia, indigestion, digestive blocks, non-severe food poisoning.
1 or 2 Pipettes diluted in warm water before bed and / or as needed.
50 ml


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