404B Green Clay Powder

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Italian green clay ultra-ventilated and ripened under the sun. Ideal for absorbent and anti-inflammation compresses; for oral use dilute in water, decant and drink during the day for an anti-acid, purifying and mineralizing action.

500 g pack


Characterizing Ingredients:
Italian green Clay.
Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antitoxic, epidermal impurities' absorbent, oral infections, toxins and intestinal parasites, excess of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, cleansing, purifying, disinfecting, re-mineralizing.
Colitis, colic, gastritis, ulcers, halitosis, dental abscesses, lowering of voice, periodontal disease, stomatitis, hiatal hernia, esophagitis, regurgitation, cataplasms/poulticeswraps: acne, impure skin, dermatitis, sores, bruises, inflammations in general, burns , insect bites, swelling.
Cataplasm: dilute 2 or more tablespoons of green clay with a little water and apply on the affected part. Use only materials such as wood, glass or earthenware, never plastic.
Purifying drink: mix 1 tablespoon of clay in 1 liter of water, let it soak in overnight, then drink throughout the next day. Repeat it for at least a month.
500 g


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