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Dehydrated ready meal, not lyophi- lized and with no preservatives, it maintains the properties of vegetables avoiding bowel bloating caused by vegetable soups. With a pleasant taste, it has a low calorie content (111 Kcal per portion) and can be prepared in few minutes. Ideal as weaning food for babies.

420 g pack


Characterizing Ingredients:
Potato, Onion, Carrot, Leek, Parsley, Celery, Rice and Kamut Grain.
It is a food preparation obtained by dehydration. A processing technique that allows to fully respect the organoleptic characteristics of the plants. The vegetables maintain this way the properties, comparable to those of fresh vegetables and may be kept at ambient temperature, avoiding the use of preservatives.
With its 109 calories without fats per envelope, Ortomei is the ideal support for all the people who follow Mei Wellness Programme and who must still deal with today's pace of life. Very often the soup of fresh vegetables is difficult to realize and the industrial envelopes are certainly not ideal in a detoxifying process. This often leads to deprive us of a complete food, which is essential for the body. Ortomei was developed to meet this need: it combines convenience and well-being. Ideal food for the whole family is also particularly recommended for children weaning or for children who do not like the soup.
It can be prepared in a few minutes by diluting the content of a single envelope in 500 ml of water. The consistency can be determined to your liking and the portion obtained is sufficient for one person. Ortomei is tasty, however, can be further enhanced with a teaspoon of olive oil or parmesan.
420 g


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