206 Ready-to-Use Start Up Mud

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Mud based on Clay, Seaweed mix and essential oils. Characterized by the right density that makes it appropriate for home applications or with no bandage. Applied on the areas concerned by retention and deposits, it re-establishes their hydro-balance.

500 ml pack


Characterizing Ingredients:
Biological apple Vinegar + Curcuma and Juniper, brown Seaweed, sweet Orange, Fennel, Lemon, Thyme and Mint.
It has an eudermic action that improves skin tone, elasticity and beauty, a lymph-draining, anti-cellulite and anti-inflammatory action on the lower extremities.
Legs and arms draining, anti-cellulite and firming.
Apply directly on the legs, belly and arms. Cover the treated parts with a towel or cartene. Leave it on for 25/30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and apply Juniper Gel (cod. 204) with a massage from the body extremities toward the heart.
500 ml


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