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The new Nut Husk Gel has been revised in its precious original formula with other vegetables that enhance the effect. The consistency of the gel is given by Silicium (in the form of organic silica), which replaces the hydrocarbons used in industrial cosmetic production, to avoid the intoxicating carcinogenic side effects which alter skin metabolism as well.

Thus Silicium gel gives a pleasant firmness to the skin, promoting the nutrition and slowing down the aging. The Nut Husk oil is always the "heart" of the product: we mean the fleshy part of the husk that covers the fruit from which Mei laboratories obtain the cold-pressed oil, whose property is known to favor the pigmentation of the skin and hair. Carrot oil stimulates the production of melanin, facilitating the tanning process, and PABA (vitamin complex derived from plant chlorophyll) helps the correct distribution of melanin in tissues, reinforcing at the same time the epidermal and hair keratin. Skin protection and regeneration is entrusted to Hypericum oil, also known as St. John's Wort oil. To complete its precious softening effect, we have chosen Palm and Sweet Almond oils that give nourishment and elasticity, acting in synergy with the Nut Husk to donate glow and pleasant "silky" effect to the skin.

Thanks to these features, it is the ideal product to intensify the tanning of face and body. In the first phase of exposure, it is important to support it with Aloesol Cream as a base. After having used the gel, we recommend Tolù Bath Foam for your daily hygiene and Aloe and Propolis After Sun to maintain the tan.


Characterizing Ingredients:
Palm oil, PABA from vegetable Chlorophyll, organic Silica, Corn oil, Nut Husk oil extract, Sunflower seed Oil, sweet Almond oil, Perfume of the plants, Carrot oil, Hypericum oil.
Tanning, moisturizing.
Suitable for dark and not easily irritable skin.
Apply on face and body several times a day. In the first days of sun exposure is recommended to apply the Aloesol Cream as a base before Nut Husk Gel or mixed to it in equal parts.
150 ml


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