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Solution based on Propolis extract and Thyme essential oil for a number of different applications: topical face treatment, as tonic associated to Propolis cleansing milk, skin and scalp purifier, mouthwash for gargles, colliryum for tired and red eyes, lotion for personal hygiene.

200 ml pack


Characterizing Ingredients:
Propolis, Thyme essential oil.
Antiseptic, antibacterial, antimycotic, topical, sanitizing.
Suitable for direct application on cuts, wounds and abrasions. It can be used as tonic for facial skin, mouthwash to rinse and for gargles, eye drops for tired and red eyes, intimate hygiene for her and scalp cleansing.
Cleanse your face with Propolis Cleansing Milk, then pat Propolis Tonic. With dandruff or desquamations, apply with a gentle massage on the scalp. Use a capful in half glass of water to rinse the oral cavity and for gargles.
200 ml


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